Blake’s Mozilla Project Pages

Here’s where you’ll find the list of projects and prototypes Blake has been working on.

Firefox Photon Design System (Staging)

A staging area for upcoming changes to the Design System. (Take a look at the code.)

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Reading List

An addon to test some experimental Reading List interactions. (Take a look at the project page or the code.)

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Device Sharing Spec

A live mockup of some webcam/mic/screen sharing ideas. (Take a look at the code.)

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Quick Load

A test of some quicker page loading ideas for Firefox. (Take a look at the project page or the code.)

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Tile Switcher

An add-on which switches the location of NewTab tiles. (Take a look at the project page or the code.)

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Etherpad Shortcuts

An add-on to add keyboard shortcuts to Etherpad. (Take a look at the project page or the code.)

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An experiment in what to do with tabs you don’t need now. (Take a look at the project page or the code.)

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Some experiments in making Firefox a little more fun. (Take a look at the code.)

(Pssst, Angelina, it mostly replaces the thumbnails in the new-tab screen with animated gifs from an etherpad…)

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We think we can do something interesting with saving for later, and the Mozilla Foundation agrees with us! This is a first stab at something we’re looking into. (Take a look at the first and second videos, and if they seem interesting, view the code.)

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We have a lot of ideas about what to do with the space that’s displayed when you open a new tab, before you go anywhere. This is where we’ll explore some of them. (Grab the add-on now!)

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Mobile Search Suggestions

There is a lot of information we could use on mobile devices in order to give people better search suggestions. By installing this custom build, and this add-on, you can see an experimental version of what we’re aiming for.

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Wouldn’t it be really cool if we could easily create mockups that linked to bugzilla, like the ones at Are We Pretty Yet? Well, I’ve started on a tool to enable that. You can find the code in this Github repo, and any assistance would be quite welcome!

I would also love it if you Suggested improvements, reported bugs, or just let me know what you thought.

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Shady Sites

At the 2012 Firefox UX Concept Week, one of the ideas we had was to change the chrome when the user was on a site that we believe to be insecure, even though they had allowed the exception. This add-on will make that change, but in the interests of development speed, it assumes that any site not on the Alexa Top 1000 Sites list is untrustworthy. 😉

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Australis Customization

One of the questions we’re trying to answer is “Will people drag-and-drop to customize their panel menu?”, so I wrote this page, and the associated add-on, to try and answer this question with some user testing.

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